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Innovative vision for printed curtains design
ahlam hassan

Last modified: 2018-01-16


Curtains are one of the main parts of furnishing they look like a smart dress for the house. They are one of the most important methods that make houses full of fun and activity as they add beauty to surroundings.

There are many researches and studies that have explained the innovative ideas in designing curtains. For a long time curtains have had a fixed and nonrenewable style that is familiar to eyes in addition to not exploiting the evolution in designing as required, so we had to abandon the traditional popular and widely styles used of printing as well as the repetition of designing curtains. We also had to depend on the creative designing which is unique and distinguished to change curtains into a main part of the design or acting as an artistic portrait for the internal design for the house such as landscape portraits or any other part of house furnishing.